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About Us

Our History

Alfa has been in the ceramic industry for over 18 years, that’s a life time of victory, achievement and innovation.
Distinction was always our goal and to do that over so many years you need to always look at the quality, so we adapted new technologies,
installed new machinery and software that allowed us to come out with the fascinating results that we reached now.
Alfa is Specialized in ceramic Wall & Floor tile production, we are intending to reach a yearly production capacity of 30 million square meters.
• The company is currently four times the investment and the production size it started with, and we owe this success to the enormous amount of effort
• that was made in adapting new technologies and offering a product that meets both our clients & quality expectations.
•Simply we aim to make a difference in your life, that’s why our model is and always will be.

Our Team

Chairman & managing director: Eng. Wagih Hunter Bissada.

Managing Director: Mr. Abdel Mageed Matar.

Board Members:

• Mohamed Abdou Moustafa Sobh
• Wasfi Hunter Bissada.
• Shwikar Mohamed Gamal El-Din.
• Wafaa Hunter Bissada.
• Samaan Naguib Polues.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Ceramic sets its eyes on being the number one choice for customers by distinguishing itself.
We see our newly developed decoration range of floor, wall and lestello designs as the leading vehicle to our ongoing growth plans.
We will always aim to continue to understand the market’s demands, follow the market’s trends and successfully cater and satisfy our customer's needs and tastes.
We created an extension this last year and we increased our production by about 75% and reached over 26 Million m2/y, we started producing new bigger tile sizes such as 60x60, 60x90, 80x80 and 60x120 and we plan to always do more for our customers all over the world.
We foresee a future characterized by continuing to upgrade our market knowledge, design, capabilities, staff's skills and our technology to maintain a niche in offering a special range of ceramics that is eye catching, comfortable, durable and convenient.

Our Mission

We aim to maintain a high level of creativity and exceeding our customer's expectations with cutting-edge ideas, designs and products.
We are very keen to building strong ties with our agents and distributors, ties that are built upon mutual benefits and a sharp understanding of the market.
Our expansion plans involve a formula of adopting state-of-the-art technologies, upgrading our design capabilities, developing staff and a high market intelligence that sets customer's needs to the start point or our operation.
Alfa produces:
• Floor Tiles.
• Listello.
• Tableau.
Using the Ink-Jet Technology and with a production capacity of 41000 m/day which will be doubled in 2014 after the completion of the new extension.