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Alfa Ceramic has been in the ceramic industry for years, so by now we have not only the experience but also the ability and power to produce (…)m2 per day, which allows us to cover all of our customers’ needs in Egypt and in the Arab World Countries as well.
This all is due to the advanced technologies that we always adapt at the time of its release to create the best quality ceramic tiles.
We recently opened a new extension to our chain of factories and we included some new incredible new designs that are guaranteed to take your breath away. With our new technologies we produce 3D edges tiles that can make you feel like you’re living inside the beauty of the designs of the tiles however they are.
We also now produce bigger tiles up to 80x80 to cover larger and wider areas to give you the feeling of comfort while sitting in your living room or your front porch, the range of new designs that are specially made for those bigger size tiles will dazzle you because for Alfa Ceramic distinction is a life style.